Introducing: The All-New Morgan Super 3

Morgan Denver and Morgan Motor Company have just unveiled Super 3, one of the most intriguing and distinctive vehicles the company has ever built. Super 3 has been designed from the ground up to offer new levels of character, thrill and adventure, principles that have defined Morgan’s three-wheeled product since the company was founded 113 years ago.  At the very heart of Super 3’s personality is its driving character. Primarily, a three-wheeled Morgan is a vehicle that entices you to get behind the wheel, offering a unique combination of mechanical feel, connection to the environment and visual differentiation from anything else on the road. Few vehicles will engage their occupants like Super 3, which encourages owners to feel present in the craft of motoring and entices them to embark on incredible adventures through the Colorado Mountains and front range. 

As the company’s most configurable model to date, Super 3 offers an extensive list of options and accessories that allow owners to tailor their own experience.  


Like every Morgan, Super 3 will be built in Malvern, Worcestershire  at the company’s Pickersleigh Road factory. Skilled craftsmen and women have been handcrafting cars in these hallowed red brick buildings since 1914. Structural aluminium castings connect the monocoque, engine and front suspension, whilst also directing air into the radiators. Helping to define the mechanical face of Super 3, the honesty of material is celebrated in the rough, cast finish of these surfaces, which are available in silver or black. Two rectangular ‘diffuser plates’ – known as ‘sideblades’ – define the side profile of Super 3, and reinforce the form meets function approach to its design. The sideblades manage engine cooling needs and offer a platform for panniers, luggage racks and vehicle liveries. The Super 3 is a design inspired from the Jet Age, with limitless configurations to reflect the individuality of its owner.

Built upon the company’s new three-part aluminium platform, Super 3 is the first Morgan with a monocoque structure Powered by a 1.5-litre Ford three-cylinder engine. The exact positioning of the engine – now car-derived and mounted in-board – within Super 3 is of crucial importance. Chosen in part due to its compact nature, the inline three-cylinder block sits precisely behind the front axle line, delivering optimum weight distribution and desirable proportion. The latter is a key principle for Morgan’s designers, who determine it vital that the body of the car is visually towed by its front wheels rather than sat on top of them. Super 3 has a mechanically intricate front end and exhibits linear geometry, which is intentionally contrasted against the trailing aerodynamic passenger compartment. The all new Super 3 engine significantly exceeds the power and performance figures of previous three-wheeled Morgan models. Super 3 is agile and nimble for unforgettable adventures along the Rocky Mountains.


The spacious cabin offers a range of very hard wearing, hydrophobic technical fabrics and leather options, chosen to create a highly usable interior that wraps around the occupants. The minimalist dashboard features Morgan’s traditional center-mounted dials, and for the first time in a Morgan they are fully digital. Super 3’s Interior dials, switchgear and integrated USB sockets are all IP64 (Ingress protection) rated and therefore dust proof and water resistant to splashing from all directions. The instrument binnacle and switches are formed from metal, and the engine start button is the missile  release control from a military fighter jet. Available for the first time is a footwell heater, making Super 3 even more suitable for adventure, while comfort is further enhanced by a reach- and rake-adjustable steering wheel and a quick-release adjustable pedal box. Bungies create easy access storage designed so that the driver remains immersed in the driving experience.


  • Maximum Power 118 bhp @ 6500rpm
  • Maximum Speed 130 mph
  • 0-62 mph 7 seconds
  • Maximum Torque 110 lb ft (150 Nm) @ 4500rpm
  • Fuel Consumption 40 mpg (pending final certification)
Type Ford 1.5-litre, inline three-cylinder
Bore/Stroke -
Maximum Power 118 bhp (87 kW) at 6500 rpm
Specific Output -
Maximum Torque 110 lb ft (150 Nm) at 4500 rpm
Engine Type Ford 1.5-litre, inline three-cylinder
Maximum Revs per Minute -
Manufactured In Malvern, UK
Maximum Speed 130 mph
0 - 100 km/h 7 seconds
0 - 200 km/h
Tyres and Rims
Front Winter
Rear Winter
Type Mazda Five-speed manual
Fuel Consumption
Combined 40 mpg (pending final certification)
CO2 Emissions
Combined 130g/km
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Length 3581mm/ 141 inches
Overall Width 1850mm / 72..8 inches
Height 1132mm / 44.6 inches
Wheelbase -
Dry Weight 635kg/1400 lbs