Morgan 3 Wheeler: A Thrilling Rebellion

After an absence of over 50 years, Morgan re-introduced the 3 Wheeler, a modern interpretation of H.F.S. Morgan’s classic design. The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a rebellious icon against mass-produced, modern motoring. It invites bold drivers to experience the raw thrill of driving the open road and exposure to the elements. Harken the roar of the twin-cylinder engine after engaging the ‘bomb release’ starter button. Prepare to unleash the max power of 82 hp at 5250rpm and speed from 0-62mph in 6 seconds.The entirely handcrafted steel ‘space frame’ chassis features an aluminium body coach built over a wooden frame structure made from ash. The quilted stitch leather cockpit is fit for drivers with attitude and a sense of adventure. The ‘no frills, all thrills’ mantra perfectly fits the reimagined Morgan 3 Wheeler as it speeds up to 115mph.


Manufactured at Morgan’s Malvern, UK production facility, the body is styled to evoke the same design features of the original 1920’s vehicles, whilst being correctly proportioned to sit atop the lightweight, tubular chassis. The coach built body is an entirely handcrafted aluminium body built over an ash wooden frame structure. Classic design details adorn the wheels and extend all the way to the exhaust and rear brake lights. The Morgan Classic Range (including some colors that have been in production over 110 years), Morgan Sport Range, and the Morgan Metallic Range of paints offer each owner the ability to fully personalise their new 3 Wheeler.


Albert Ball VC, a highly decorated English fighter pilot during World War I, famously surmised that driving his Morgan 3 Wheeler was the closest experience to flying without leaving the ground. Evoking the same sense of adventure from yesteryear, the modern 3 Wheeler includes a conventional 5-Speed transmission ensuring the model is more accessible than the original. Weighing just over 1102 lbs, the lightweight 3 Wheeler is agile and nimble for unforgettable adventures along the Rocky Mountains.


Unique and nostalgic design details adorn the interior of the Morgan 3 Wheeler. Similar to the open air exterior/interior of a motorcycle, the 3 Wheeler tantalizes all 5 senses. The tactile quilted stitch leather encircles the cockpit and is punctuated by a unique and visually enticing dashboard. The smell of the open air and sound of the engine fill the cockpit. A driving experience that is both nostalgic and exciting, you can almost taste it. The Morgan 3 Wheeler breaks the mundane mold of luxury vehicles and is a perfect vehicle to peak your sense of adventure.


  • Maximum Power 82 bhp @ 5250rpm
  • Maximum Speed 115 mph
  • 0-62 mph 6 seconds
  • Maximum Torque 250.8 lb ft (140 Nm) @ 3250rpm
  • Fuel Consumption 30.3 mpg
Type -
Bore/Stroke -
Maximum Power 82 bhp @ 5250rpm
Specific Output -
Maximum Torque 250.8 lbs/ft (140Nm) @ 3250rpm
Engine Type S&S 1998cc V twin
Maximum Revs per Minute -
Manufactured In Malvern, UK
Maximum Speed 115 mph
0 - 100 km/h 6 seconds
0 - 200 km/h
Tyres and Rims
Front Winter
Rear Winter
Type Mazda 5 Speed
Fuel Consumption
Combined 30.3 mpg (9.3 litres / 100km)
CO2 Emissions
Combined 215g / km
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Length -
Overall Width -
Height -
Wheelbase -
Dry Weight 1157.4 lbs