Lotus Eletre: The World’s First Electric Hyper-SUV

Seventy years of sports car engineering and design, the Lotus legacy elevates the Eletre hyper-SUV for the next generation of thrill seekers. The 4WD electric Eletre delivers multiple firsts for Lotus– the first model outside sports car segments, the first four-door production car, the first lifestyle EV, the most ‘connected’ Lotus ever. The Eletre has the world’s first deployable Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system in a production car. The Eletre, with a top speed of 161mph, is for a performance-driven driver whose lifestyle demands a more practical alternative to a traditional sports car. 

Eletre, meaning ‘come to life’, beautifully personifies the latest Lotus design elements of the audacious Emira and Evija. The design is not just visually provoking, but practically integrated. This game-changing electric, hyper-SUV has a battery capacity that’s over 100kWh and with power from 600hp. Drivers can revel in a balance of excitement and everyday comfort for just under 375 miles on a single charge.

The Lotus design team poured luxurious details into every inch of the ‘carved by air’ Eletre. The long wheelbase and short bonnet echo the iconic mid-engine stance while creating the impression of a high-riding sports car. The porous design allows for optimal cooling of the electric motor, battery, and brakes; as well as, weight reductions. The aerodynamic design includes an active front grille with geometric petals that open and close, and promotes airflow through the body, channeling air under the car to exit over the bonnet, and along the swooping wheel arches of the Eletre, allowing the SUV to breathe. You will immediately notice no door mirrors and a deployable rear spoiler that also decreases air resistance and increases vehicle range, speed, and performance.

‘Born British Raised Globally’, meaning; the Eletre was established in Hethel (UK), built at an all-new state-of-the-art production facility in China, and supported by collaborative work with teams in China, Sweden and Germany. The Lotus Eletre tantilizes even before you get behind the wheel. A press of the button (or smartphone app) activates a lively sneak preview where the exterior lights dance through a short sequence, the front grille ‘breathes’, and the illuminated flush door handles deploy. The performance continues in the interior as the door closes and the real fun begins. No long charging times, 350kW charge in 20 minutes for 248 miles of driving (accepts 22kW AC charging). Drivers can then zoom from 0-60mph in a mere 2.95 seconds. The Lotus Eletre is leading in technology, including the first production integrated LIDAR system that delivers autonomous driving capabilities.

The cockpit of the Eletre is sleek and highly connected for both the driver and passengers. The blade of light is beautiful and informative paired with the 15.1 inch infotainment system. Electric Reverse Mirror Displays (ERMD) flank the state-of-the-art dashboard. The fixed panoramic sunroof creates a spacious feel in the 4 or 5 seat Eletre layout options. Primary interior components are made of sustainable textiles with a premium feel and highly durability. The comfortable seats are an advanced wool-blend that is 50% lighter than traditional leather. The traditional carbon fibre weave has given way to a new marble-like recycled and compressed carbon fibre finish. Ample storage space can be found in the center console, along the doors, and throughout the entire cabin for practical function that is polished.

  • Maximum Power 600 hp
  • Maximum Speed 161 mph
  • 0-62 mph 2.95 sec 0-100km/h
  • Maximum Torque 531 lb/ft
  • Maximum All-Electric Range 373 miles (400km)
Powertrain Twin-motor Electric Powertrain
Battery Power 100+ kw/h
All-electric range (WLTP Combined) 373 miles (600 km)
Charging time (350kW charger) 20 mins for 248 miles of driving
Maximum Speed 161 mph
0 - 100 km/h <3 seconds
0 - 200 km/h
Tyres and Rims
Front Winter
Rear Winter
Fuel Consumption
CO2 Emissions
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Length 200.9 inches (5103mm)
Overall Width w/ Door Mirros 87.8 inches (2231mm)
Height 64.2 inches (1630mm)
Wheelbase 118.9 inches (3019mm)
Front Track -
Rear Track -
Dry Weight -
Kerb Weight -
All-electric range (WLTP Combined) 373 miles (600 km)
Charging time (350kW charger) 20 minutes
Ceramic brakes optional